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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Remodel

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Remodel

Whether this is your first kitchen remodel or you’re taking one on again, home renovations can be a stressful, overwhelming process. Remodeling is a great way to increase home value, but it’s often expensive upfront, and you may not know where to start once you’ve chosen a contractor. Understanding how to prepare for a kitchen remodel can help you minimize anxiety and give you smooth sailing for your renovation.

Redoing a kitchen means clearing out the entire room, setting up temporary kitchen space and finding a place to store all your kitchen items. If you’re looking to streamline the process or need somewhere to start, use this guide to kitchen remodeling to help you prepare for your new kitchen.


Table of Contents

Plan Ahead and Organize Your Space

Decide What Meals You’ll Eat During the Remodel

Get to Packing and Get Rid of Items You Don’t Want

Finish Final Prep for the Remodel

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen

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Plan Ahead and Organize Your Space

If you’re preparing for a kitchen renovation, planning out the job will reduce your stress and make everything easier. Breaking everything down into planning stages can help the process move more smoothly as your kitchen is transformed. The first thing to do for a kitchen remodel is plan. You’ll have to figure out where to store everything, what to do with the removed items and what to eat while the kitchen is under construction. 

Lists are your friends during this time. Figure out what you can’t pack away, what you’ll need to use sometimes and what you won’t use at all. Set up a budget for groceries and eating out so that you have a sound financial plan for the remodeling period. Gather boxes, tape and other supplies to assist you in packing up all of your items and putting them away. 

Decide What Meals You'll Eat During the Remodel

Since your kitchen will be under construction, make food plans ahead of time. It’s easy to get into the habit of eating out all the time, but this can strain your wallet. Especially if you’re remodeling on a smaller budget, eating out can quickly balloon your expenses before you even notice. While you should try to avoid eating out all the time, you can budget for it sometimes. The convenience and accessibility of eating out will help take some of the mealtime stress off your shoulders during the remodel. 

Save money and eat healthier by meal planning and organizing food around smaller cookware. Use smaller cooking appliances to make up for the kitchen you are renovating. Some cookware you can use includes:

  • Crockpots
  • Electric griddles or hot plates
  • Toasters or toaster ovens
  • Grills
  • Air fryers

These appliances can help you make a delicious home meal on a smaller scale. Even if you cook regularly with these appliances, meal planning is your friend. Prepping lunches, cooking one-pot meals and bulk-making food that you can freeze and thaw later will help save you time and energy while your kitchen is out of commission.

Get to Packing and Get Rid of Items You Don't Want

While removing everything from your kitchen so the work can begin, you’ll find yourself with the perfect opportunity to pack up essential items and eliminate others. Sort everything into necessary items and things you might not need. Packed items, like spices you use often, should sit somewhere reachable so you aren’t struggling whenever you need an essential kitchen item. 

Before starting your kitchen remodel, you’ll need to find homes for all your kitchen items. Place less important things in boxes and tuck them away in closets and other out-of-the-way locations. Decide on a few essential items — a crockpot, a dining set for each person, necessary utensils, etc. — these items should sit somewhere easy to access for convenience. Dining tables or non-kitchen shelves are ideal temporary homes for kitchen equipment.

If any appliances temporarily leave your kitchen, they’ll need spots too. You’ll often pull out dishwashers, sinks and cabinets while remodeling, so these will all need storage. Renting a storage space is perfect if you have no extra room inside. The garage is also ideal for more extensive storage if you can spare the room.

To help you from feeling overwhelmed while packing, try to box one category of items at a time. This lets your boxes stay organized while making the task seem less intimidating. Set aside things you no longer use — these can be donated, sold or thrown away. Consider displaying sentimental items, like mugs, somewhere else in the house or keeping them stored away. Label every box so you don’t lose track of items.

While packing, clearly separate things you want to keep and things you should get rid of. We all have old dishes, pots, pans and items we haven’t used in years but just haven’t gotten around to tossing out. A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to remove some kitchen clutter. This will also make moving everything back into your new kitchen much easier once the remodel is complete. 

Prep Tips for a Kitchen Remodel

Finish Final Prep for the Remodel

Once you’ve cleared out your kitchen and set your food plan up, it’s time to prepare for the kitchen remodel. One of the essential steps for home remodeling preparation is communicating with your contractor. Ask them what they need you to do beforehand and how you can help set up your space. Here are some helpful prep tips for a kitchen remodel:

  • Clean surfaces and floors.
  • Turn off water, gas and electricity.
  • Disconnect gas and electricity from direct-using appliances like ovens.
  • Remove outlet covers, glass fixture shades, window coverings and heat registers.

Professional remodeling will give you high-quality, quick results. You should follow your contractor’s instructions and prep your kitchen space accordingly to ensure the smoothest, most straightforward renovation. 

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen

The exact timeline of a kitchen remodel depends on how extensive the work is. More minor renovations and touch-ups can take anywhere from three to five weeks with a reliable contractor. For larger remodeling projects, where the entire kitchen needs redoing, you can expect it to take three months. Some remodels can take even longer, but these are rare and are typically part of a more significant home renovation. 

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