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Second Stories

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Second Story Home Additions in Northern Virginia

Have you considered adding a second story to your house? This type of remodeling service has numerous benefits, such as adding space and value to your home.

Whatever your reason is for a second story addition, Hometech Services is here to help. Our expert team will go above and beyond to add the second story of your dreams.

Benefits of Adding a Second Story

Adding a second story to your home has many advantages in addition to providing more space. These benefits include:

Stay in the Same Neighborhood

If you’ve been living in the same home for years, you may have grown attached to your neighborhood. As your family increases in size, however, you may need a bigger home. By adding a second floor, you can stay in your neighborhood while satisfying your space needs.

Increase Your Home’s Value

A second story addition goes on top of your existing foundation for a cost-effective remodeling technique to raise the value of your house. If you plan to sell your home in the future, adding a second story will help you get a higher selling price, as realtors often calculate a house’s value based on its square footage.

Enjoy Creative Freedom

Are there some elements you wish to change in your house? Maybe you built your home a long time ago and you have a bigger budget now. Building a second story house addition allows you the creative freedom to make it look how you like.

Whether you’re longing for a master bedroom or a playroom for your child, a new second floor is yours to design. While your contractors are adding the second story, you may also be able to change your first floor windows or exterior to match your new addition. 

Our Second Story Addition Services

Whether you’re adding a full or partial addition, our second story addition contractors can handle it all. We offer three options when it comes to adding a second story:

  1. Tear the roof off completely and start your addition from scratch with a new second story and roof.
  2. Remove your existing roof and install it back onto your home after adding the second floor.
  3. Make the second story addition over an existing part of your home on the first floor. This option allows for expansion over flat roof areas such as the garage or porch. 

Get Started On A Second Story Addition Today

Hometech Services is proud to provide renovation solutions to many locations in Northern Virginia. We serve the areas of Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Burke, Fairfax, Falls Church, Great Falls, Herndon, McLean, Oakton, Reston, Springfield, and Vienna. For trustworthy second story addition services, please request a free consultation or call us at 703-313-1344 to learn more about our home addition services.

Why Choose Hometech Services?

At Hometech Services, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding work to all our customers. Our wide range of services allows you to achieve the home remodel you want at an affordable price. As a company, our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Our second story addition builders look forward to helping you achieve a stress-free home remodel.

Second Story Addition FAQs

What’s the Cost Of A Second Story Addition?

Second-story additions are usually the most expensive type of remodeling for homes. The costs range from $150,000 to $650,000 for a full addition.

However, costs with this project are almost always tricky since it’s dependent on what’s being built and what you’re building over. For example, building a second-story bathroom will incur more costs than a regular bedroom.

Can I Do A Partial Second Story Or Does It Have To Be A Full Addition?

This is dependent on your goals and home’s structure. A partial addition comes with lower costs and fewer headaches, but people can run into aesthetic problems.

However, there are times when a partial addition doesn’t save people nearly enough money to justify going with that option. Going through the extra work of this addition means many people look to get the most floor space possible.

In this case, a full addition is the most likely option for recouping the money spent on this project.

Can I Live In My Home During Construction?

You can! One of the benefits of this addition is that construction can be sectioned off by companies, so homeowners can regularly use their house without much interruption. However, we recommend living somewhere else during construction to speed up the project’s timeline and for your own safety.

How Long Does A Second-Story Addition Take?

Since so much goes into a full addition, the project takes about six to twelve months. Partial additions usually take 3-5 months, but this changes from project to project.

Do I Need to Make Any Changes to My Foundation?

Yes, your foundation will need to be reinforced to support the extra weight. An engineer would need to determine the extent to which it needs to be reinforced and make sure your home is up to code.

It’s important to not just trust an architect’s opinion on what’s needed and the costs. Bring in an experienced remodeler and city worker to determine the exact costs.

Does Any Work Need to Be Done on the First Floor?

This is completely dependent on your home. We normally need to work on the first floor in some capacity like reinforcing the walls and updating windows. The stairs will have to go somewhere on the first floor, so that would probably be the most obvious update to the first floor.

What If I Don’t Have Room For a Staircase?

Common codes require stairs to be accessible by living spaces, so this will take up a significant section of the first floor. Pretty much the only option is to create an outside access point that doesn’t alter the first floor’s design.

When Does A Second Story Addition Make Sense?

These additions make sense if homeowners don’t have room to expand their current lot or are trying to preserve their yard.

Foundation Requirements For Adding A Second Story?

Most foundations for single-story homes aren’t built to support a second story. An engineer can calculate how much weight your foundation will carry and most times additional structural support is needed to meet code requirements.

Cost Of A Second Story Addition Over Garage in Northern Virginia?

Many North Virginia garages are two-car, so an addition over this usually yields about 500 square feet of extra space. There are some challenges with this particular addition including matching up exteriors, aligning floors and controlling the climate.

While price does vary from project to project, we recommend a budget of $525+ per square foot. That way, you have enough cushion if challenges arise.

Can You Add A Second Floor To A House?

In most cases, you have the ability to add a second floor to a house. Homeowners must be aware of foundation requirements, city restrictions and changing home systems (plumbing, heating) that come with a second-story addition.

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