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Garage Builder in Northern VA and Surrounding Areas

Here at Hometech Services, we’ve distinguished ourselves as your first choice for garages in Northern VA. We complete all work with exceptional attention to detail and care for the particular aspects of our work that make all the difference. Simply put, you can trust us to make sure your garage or carport is exactly what you need.

Garage Builders Near Fairfax

Every household is different when it comes to garage requirements. Our company provides a variety of options for your property, including:

  • Detached & Attached Garages
  • 1 Car Garages
  • 2 Car Garages
  • Carports Conversions

A garage remodel or addition could be just the thing to make parking and storage at your home simple and easy. Reach out to us today to request a free consultation.

Interested In Finishing A Garage In Northern Virginia?

When completing garage and carport projects, we focus on ensuring our quality is up to par. When we’re done with your addition or remodel, you will notice that our handiwork is distinguished by meticulousness and excellence. That’s just another way we build trust with our valued customers.

Put Your Garage to Work for You

Homeowners use garages for a variety of purposes in addition to parking vehicles. Many homeowners store tools, lawn equipment, and boxed belongings in this space. To ensure that you have room for parking and storage, you need to customize your garage with the help of an experienced partner. That’s why working with our team is a great investment.

We’ll identify what your particular requirements are as part of our free consultation. Once we’ve figured out your needs, we’ll come up with a garage or carport design that fulfills them completely. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to storage and parking. Enjoy adequate space for both with our assistance.

Parking vehicles outside results in serious wear and tear from the elements, which is why homeowners use garages to protect their investment. However, a garage is not the best option for every situation. That’s why Hometech Services offers carport additions. A carport allows you to protect your vehicle from rain and sunlight, and to access it without having to stand in either.

Let our team add a carport to your property to increase its value and functionality. This option is perfect for households with multiple vehicles or homes without garages. We’ll complete the installation of your carport promptly. That level of quality is what our customers have come to expect, and we aim to live up to their high expectations. Our level of quality is what’s made us a premier garage builder in Fairfax, Va.

Garage Addition Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Garage Should I Go With? Freestanding or Attached?

There isn’t a black or white answer since every home is different. There are pros to each option, but we recommend consulting with a professional before making a decision.

The case for attached:

  • Convenient to use
  • Raises property value
  • Less expensive to build

The case for freestanding:

  • Flexibility (size/location)
  • More room inside
  • Very secure
Are There Any Zoning or Coding Restrictions in Virginia?

In general, permits are required to build a garage or shed and zoning permits are needed no matter the structure size.

What Size Is Right For My Home?

This depends on what you plan on putting inside your garage. If you plan on mainly using it for vehicle parking, then you would have to consider the vehicle’s height and width. Also, storage space is a big reason people opt for garage additions, so consider the items you’ll be putting inside your space like lawnmowers, gardening tools, etc.

If you plan on using the space for activities, then you should factor that in the needed size for your space. With all of this considered, don’t forget to stay within your plot of land and not extend into your neighbor’s property.

How Much Does A Garage Addition in Virginia Cost?

While a garage addition provides a great ROI for homeowners, they still need to consider the upfront costs of the project. The cost of a new garage in Virginia ranges from $35-$65 per square foot.

Detached garages can be very inexpensive for people depending on the work, but generally, a structure with no insulation and manual doors is affordable for many homes.

Is A Garage Addition Right For Me?

It depends on your goals! Are you looking for extra storage space or a spot to park your vehicle? Then a garage addition could be right for your property.

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