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How to Prepare Your Home for a Remodel 1

How to Prepare Your Home for a Remodel

 A renovation project can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Preparing ahead of time will ensure that you, your family and your contractor have a positive experience throughout the whole process. Follow these tips for how to prepare for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.  


Table of Contents

What to Do First

What to Know Before Remodeling

Communicating With Your Contractor

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What to Do First During A Home Remodel

Prepare your home for renovation by protecting your belongings from debris and potential damage. You’ll want to take care of these items before your contractor starts remodeling your living space.

  • Pack up your belongings: Once you get a start date from your contractor, you can bring the items from the work site to another part of the house. You may want to give yourself a few days to get everything out of the space so your renovation project can begin on time. Consider investing in cardboard boxes and storing your furniture and other items at another location. You can also move your valuables to rooms such as the basement if you’re not remodeling the whole house.
  • Clear off the walls in nearby rooms: Your contractor and their workers will be walking around and working throughout your home. They’ll most likely use tools that vibrate the walls or create dust and debris. Remove your valuables, including shelves and pictures, from the walls and put them in a safe place.
  • Cover nearby furniture and lamps: Save time cleaning after your renovation project by protecting your upholstery and light fixtures. You can cover oversized items that are too large to store in boxes with thin plastic wrap or old sheets.
  • Apply plastic wrap to doorways: Besides wrapping your upholstery and light fixtures, you can also keep the rest of your house clean by putting plastic wrap on the openings in your renovation area. Consider investing in zip closures instead of hanging plastic to prevent dust and debris from traveling to adjacent rooms.

What to know before remodeling a home

What to Know Before Remodeling a Home

Besides getting your house ready, you’ll also need to prepare yourself and your family for the changes that’ll take place in your living space. Before starting the home renovation, plan to maintain a positive attitude as your contractor and their team work throughout your property. Consider these factors to prepare yourself and your loved ones.

  • Where you’re staying: With all the activity that goes on during a home renovation project, you might want to make other living arrangements. You can stay with nearby friends or family, or you can go on an extended vacation. Staying in your house during construction requires a bit of creativity. You may need to create a bathroom schedule and figure out where everyone will sleep. Discussing these options with your family will help establish a smooth transition during the renovation process.
  • Where you’ll eat: A kitchen remodel temporarily makes the place where you prepare and eat meals off-limits. You’ll need to figure out where else you can safely and efficiently cook food for you and your family in the house. You may also want to consider where you and your loved ones can eat, since your temporary kitchen might be too small to fit everyone. Create a meal schedule if it’s challenging for your loved ones to eat together at once.
  • What you’ll eat: You’ll probably store away all your pots, pans and dishes when you renovate your kitchen. Think about what and how you’ll feed your family as your contractor remodels this part of your home. Consider stocking your temporary cooking and eating space with frozen meals and non-perishables to have on hand. You can also splurge every once in a while and take everyone out to a nearby restaurant.
  • Where to keep your children and pets: Kids and animals like to wander around, so you’ll need to designate areas in the house for them to play safely. Since loud noises can startle your pets, you’ll want to keep them far away from the work site. Think about how to accommodate naptime for your young children when construction takes place during the day.
  • Your overall mood: It’s critical to have an open mind and positive attitude as you transform your home. Unforeseen circumstances can delay or add costs to your remodeling project. Consider how you deal with stressful situations, and create a self-care plan to help you stay calm. You can go for a walk or make plans to get out of the house. Maintain a positive attitude by thinking about how your home will look when the construction team has finished.

Communicating With Your Contractor During a Home Remodel

Hiring an experienced contractor for your renovation project will keep you on schedule and ensure your new kitchen, bathroom or home addition will add value to your property. A professional in the construction industry can foresee common delays in projects, such as bad weather or canceled orders, and plan accordingly. They also know how to install each of your building components to code, so they’ll last a long time. Maintain clear and open communication with your contractor in the following ways.

  • Create a communication plan: Before the contractor begins your home remodel, discuss your preferred contact method. Set a time during the day to call or text each other about any necessary details to stay on the same page. Your contractor should also have their phone on hand if either of you has questions during construction.
  • Explain how you’d like to use the room: Besides your home’s design aesthetic, it’s helpful for your contractor to know how often and how much you plan to use your new living space. They may want to expand your kitchen or add storage space if you have a large family or often entertain. Consider what renovations would add value to your lifestyle and make your home more convenient for everyone.
  • Show them pictures: Develop an idea of what colors, materials and themes you’d like to include in your home to update its appearance. Research online and in design magazines for concepts for your kitchen, bathroom, basement or garage. You’ll want to show your contractor these pictures to help them figure out your desired design aesthetic and get an idea of what’ll work for your property.
  • Be honest about your budget: You probably have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend for your home renovation project. Let your contractor know your ideal budget so they can plan accordingly. A reliable contractor will try to stick within your budget and help you find high-quality materials at a more affordable cost. They’ll only recommend upgrading your materials, plumbing or electricity if they believe the price is worth the investment.
  • Keep a journal: You may want to keep a journal during your renovation project to track progress. Write down questions, suggestions or ideas you’d like to share with your contractor. You can also note delivery dates and deadlines to make sure your contractor is working according to schedule.

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