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Home Remodeling in Burke and Fairfax, VA

Whether you're looking to adapt your home to your changing needs, expand it for your growing family or get it ready to put on the market, remodeling allows you to make essential upgrades that will improve your life and increase your home's value. At Hometech Services, we have the knowledge and experience to take on the complexity of all your home remodeling needs with our wide range of services.  

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Custom Bathroom Remodeling in Northern Virginia

      Bathrooms are one of your most personal spaces. To transform it from a cramped, outdated or waterlogged room into a sanctuary where you can relax, Hometech Services offers custom bathroom remodeling in Burke and Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia. We will create your bathroom with design elements and accessories that meet all your requirements. 

      Our complete bathroom remodeling services include:

      • Fittings and fixtures upgrades
      • Lighting enhancement
      • Shower remodeling
      • Tile replacement

      Expert Kitchen Remodeling 

          Your kitchen is the heart of your home where you cook and gather with friends and family. Everything from the layout to the fixtures contributes to the feel and functionality of the room. Hometech Services incorporates all the latest styles and products to build a kitchen that optimizes your space to better fit your lifestyle.

          Customers come to us for:

          • Open-concept remodeling
          • Cabinets
          • Flooring
          • Countertops
          • Wall removal

          Plus, our countertops are free with your full kitchen remodel. 

          Extensive Home Remodeling Services

          If you're looking for home remodeling companies in the Fairfax, VA area, turn to Hometech Services. We tackle a wide range of projects, including:

          • Basement remodeling: Is your basement dark, damp and underutilized? With waterproofing and remodeling, Hometech Services turns your basement into extra living or storage space that will stay dry and functional for many years to come. 

          • Interior remodeling: Whether you need a few rooms remodeled or your entire interior needs to be redone, Hometech Services can help. We install new flooring, remove walls and convert attics in addition to working on the main rooms of your home. 

          • Home additions: If you have big expansion goals, an addition is an ideal solution. Get closer to the outdoors with a screened porch or a sunroom, make room for more people with a second story or add more bedrooms and office space. 

          • Painting: Hometech Services provides expert interior and exterior paint jobs that will make your home bright, warm and welcoming. We also install trim and drywall for complete paint services. 

          • Garages: Garages protect your car as well as provide additional storage and workspace. Whether you need your garage remodeled or a carport installed, we offer a wide range of garage services. 

          Top Home Remodeling Company Serving Fairfax and Burke, VA

          Hometech Services is a local home remodeling company with a reputation for excellence. We offer affordable prices and exceptional customer service, which is why we have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can trust us to complete your remodeling project thoroughly and on-time so you can reap the benefits of your upgraded home as soon as possible.

          To find out more about our home remodeling services, contact us today or schedule a free consultation. 

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